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In addition to making sculptures as commission work, I also have a large selection of distinctive sculptures on show, made by me right here in my sculpture studio in Portland, OR. As I use a variety of sources for inspiration, you will always be able to find many different styles and themes, original as well as recreations. Whether you are looking for the unique or the classic, TW Bronze will have plenty of options.

As a certified art sculptor, I am able to make anything, even with the most minute details. No individual project is too small or large, as I relish the challenge in each piece. Come by for a visit, and let me show you what is possible. I can make whatever you wish from scratch according to your exact specifications, or you can just bring me a picture of something you like and I will produce an exact replica.

In case you have your eyes set on a sculpture elsewhere but would like some insight before you purchase, TW Bronze can also help. I have a long history of sculpture acquisition both for myself and for clients. Sculptures pricing isn't for everyone, and I take great pleasure in letting my wealth of experience benefit anyone in need.

Come to TW Bronze in Portland, OR, for any type of sculpture sales there is. I guarantee a thorough process and utmost satisfaction, regardless of whether I make it for you or you simply need my advice. Sculptures can enhance the beauty of any home or office, and with TW Bronze, you will be guided by the best in the business!