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Fine Art Gallery | TW Bronze |  Portland, OR | (541) 398-0380

TW Bronze

Our Location:

202 Golf Course Rd
Enterprise, OR 97828

Call Us : (541) 398-0380

Business Hours:

Mon-Sun 8:00am-5:00pm

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Portland, OR, has a vibrant artist community that continually enriches our local culture. To support this movement, I have designed and built a gallery, where anyone can come by and see what selected local artists are up to. Check out my gallery schedule at to see what’s on display at any given time.

To maintain a high-level of diversity, I make sure to exhibit lots of different crafts and styles, which will provide an out-of-the-ordinary fine art showcase:

• Paintings
• Hand Made Jewelry
• Sculptures
• Photography
• Woodwork

My gallery location is convenient with ample free parking, which leaves you to spend all day enjoying fine art. Our address is both here on the site and in the town gallery guide. Experiencing the best of what our local artists have to show has never been easier!

I also offer fine arts for sale. My place is an artistic wonderland, and should you find a piece you simply have to have, I will help you with everything, including negotiating a price with the artist. In case you have a fine art connoisseur in you, my gallery is the perfect place to let it loose!

TW Bronze is a go-to place for anyone who wishes to explore the local art scene. Whether you are an amateur or an expert, I promise you will be completely taken by the unique skills and visions of Portland's many talented artists. My fine gallery is open all year. Come by today, and find the next master piece!