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Since the day I opened my shop, I have made bronze sculpture casting my specialty. Over the years I have accumulated priceless hands-on experience, which I have evolved into a full-service bronze art casting studio. Anyone can come here and have a bronze sculpture made in any way they desire.

Bronze sculpture casting is a lengthy demanding process that I am able to see through from beginning to end:

• Mold Making—Made either in my work shop or on location, my molds are made with the utmost attention to detail and care.

• Wax Patterns—I put special emphasis on the waxing of every bronze casting. It is in this phase that it is possible to create the intricate details that give every bronze cast its unique features.

• Bronze Casting—Because it can be a very dangerous and demanding process, I do all my bronze sculpture casting on my own premises. • Chasing—Bronze casts are always put together in pieces, which require high level metal working qualifications, which I possess.

• Patination—If needed, I can also assist in giving your bronze cast any kind of color, bringing forth its hidden characteristics and nuances.

TW Bronze can provide custom metal casting for anyone. With my decade-long history of making bronze art casting in Portland, OR, I am able to make whatever bronze sculpture casting you request. Together we will work out the details of your commission work, where I let you take full advantage of my experience and passion for handmade bronze sculpture casting. With TW Bronze, obtaining unique bronze work has never been easier.