TW Bronze guarantees first-class service, superior craftsmanship and a genuine artistic touch.

Bronze Casting | TW Bronze | Portland, OR | (541) 398-0380
Since the day I opened my shop, I have made bronze sculpture casting my specialty. Over the years I have accumulated priceless hands-on experience, which I have evolved...
Fine Art Gallery | TW Bronze | Portland, OR | (541) 398-0380
Portland, OR, has a vibrant artist community that continually enriches our local culture. To support this movement, I have designed and built a gallery, where anyone can...
Sculptures | TW Bronze | Portland, OR | (541) 398-0380
In addition to making sculptures as commission work, I also have a large selection of distinctive sculptures on show, made by me right here in my sculpture...

TW bronze is always ready to help you find high-quality art for your home, garden or business.

Welcome to TW Bronze

TW Bronze is an art studio and gallery located in downtown Portland, OR. Here I provide the local community with a window to fine handcrafted artwork, as well as professional photography. If you are looking for a place to enjoy original art, TW Bronze is the right choice.

My specialty is bronze casting for any type of need, whether it be for decorative purposes or other purposes. I have created many original pieces for clients and take great pride in my ability to satisfy even the most intricate requests. I work on a commission basis and strive to deliver complete satisfaction in all regards.

TW Bronze also serves as a studio for local artists needing a place to show case their work. I always have a wide selection of artwork available for your viewing pleasure. Through my local network, I am also capable of connecting clients with any particular artist for custom work.

If you are looking to have a sculpture made, I am also able to help. I can craft sculptures of any kind and size, for exterior as well as interior use. Whether you want something original made or a recreation, I can create a sculpture exactly the way you wish, promising the highest possible quality every time.

Come to TW Bronze for all your decorative art needs. I guarantee you will leave inspired and most likely as the proud owner of a genuine piece of local artwork. At TW Bronze, you can find anything you need to spice up your home or office, while supporting your local artists at the same time! Schedule an appointment today!